Challenge: Try to get some perspective

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Fri Jun 20, 2014 7:53 pm

Things look different when observed from different positions. A tree in the distance is a different proposition from a tree you are climbing, and both differ from one you just drove into.

Similarly events change according to how you observe them. A burnt Sunday roast washed down with your uncles foul home-made wine is hilarious when your workmate tells you about it on Monday, but something of a disaster to live through yourself; on the other hand it gets funny again when you and your spouse look back from the perspective of ten years. And at the uncles funeral, suddenly twenty five years' of certifiable paint-stripper becomes a charming affectation.

Write a poem that explores the same object, event or person from at least two different perspectives. Prompts:

- a character's inner dialog vs. another's perception
- human perception of events vs. animal
- the same event from multiple perspectives, criminal/victim/police/judge or patient/doctor/relative for example
- human perception of objects vs. how physics sees them
- the same event from similar points of view, but in different voices: child/parent/grandparent or male/female/non-of-the-above
- the view of some event, like a football match, from before, during and after
- contrast the usual partial interpretation of something, like international relations, with an uncompromising uncoloured version
- or even just literally different perspectives: the ant's, the man's and the eagle's


Post your poems in the usual places and add the prefix "Challenge: " so we know where you are coming from.

No time limit, no word limits, sevens are wild and odd-numbered adjectives score double!
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