Apostrophes atrocities

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Tue May 04, 2021 1:16 pm

I mistrust apostrophes.
Sure they are alright when
in their place, sandwiched
between words, just filling
space, where letters should be.

But let them get the last say.
Let them get their own way
if allowed to run feral...
they will own you.

Do not get fooled
they can be,
possessive, jealous, and unkind
just you mind, those apostrophes

That is why, so
long ago...
that all symbols gathered
to judge the atrocities of
The Apostrophes.

Here is the transcript of the trial proceedings:
bracketed by the Bracket guard.
The Great Colon, and council of semi-colons
gathered to pass judgement on the Apostrophes

Question remarked, “What are the charges laid against the Apostrophes?”
/Slash said, “Claiming ownership of all things on this fine Keyboard”
\Backslash said, “Objection, hearsay”

“Let us hear from the other members of The Keyboard’, said Enter.

The nymph Tilde piped up: “Apostrophes claimed ownership of this virgins virginity, sir.
On the night before my wedding, and now Sir Caret will not even look at me."

#hashtag tweeted, “Apostrophe is a Milkshake Duck, reportedly claiming ownership all around this Keyboard.”
Hyphen added, “- and then some.”
Exclamation cried “Delete all Apostrophes!”
Percent said, “Let us just decimate.”
The commas, interjected, some comments, while,

{Such was the unrest, the Square-brackets Shifted into Curly formation to contain the mob.}
TAB started to interject, but thought better of it.
* Star simply … winked (but the brackets knew exactly what that meant)

Quote had heard this kind of testimony before, and moved that there should be deliberation of the elder punctuation, for the official record.

While Greater-Than and Less-Than consulted with Equals:
Tilde sobbed.
Caret shifted attitude, feeling less than gallant.
Ampersand equivocated, saying only, “but on the other hand...”
#Hash spouted yet more gossip.

Then finally, Full Stop announced: “The decision will now be made”.

His Enterness, entered, and thus he spake:

“In consultation with the Great Colon and the council of Semi-Colons.
I hereby decree that no letter of the alphabet, upper or lower-case, shall be subject to the Apostrophes possession from this day forward and for all eternity”

The entire keyboard erupted into a clatter of applause.

And that is why, to this day, we a free of the Apostrophes vile curse upon other letters.

And that is why, to this day, we are free of the curse most vile once visited by Apostrophes unto letters of other.
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